Why Marijuana Edibles might be the best option for Fibromyalgia pain.

In this article we’ll explore how marijuana edibles can help with fibromyalgia, how to use and make it,  and finally some of the best-recommended cannabis strains for treating this condition

Imagine being constantly tired with pain spreading all over your body. Your hips ache, your skin feels bruised and you never know what the next symptom will be.

This is exactly what fibromyalgia sufferers go through on a daily basis.

Fibromyalgia, a rheumatological condition, jeopardizes the normal functioning of the human body by causing musculoskeletal pain and constant fever-like symptoms.

Current medication for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is still relatively new in medical circles and there is no specific medication for it. The condition is usually treated with painkillers, antidepressants and anti-seizure medications.

There are three drugs commonly being used for treating fibromyalgia:

  • Lyrica (pregabalin)
  • Cymbalta (duloxetine)
  • Savella (milnacipran)

The effectiveness of these drugs was explored in a survey done in 2014 by the Global Pain Initiative, which interviewed more than 1,300 fibromyalgia sufferers:

Only 8-10% percent of patients said that they found some relief with prescription drugs. Around 60% of patients did not see any improvement in their symptoms.

An article of the sun provided information on how painkillers might be making your fibromyalgia even worse.

Research on Cannabis for fibromyalgia pain

There has been a handful of research studies which have provided promising evidence supporting medical marijuana in treating symptoms of fibromyalgia. While THC and CBD work best together to treat fibromyalgia pain, just CBD on it’s own have shown to have amazing. Effects. Which is perfect for someone that does not want to get high from the edibles.

From NORML.org: Researchers at Germany’s University of Heidelberg published a study in Current Medical Research and Opinion in which they evaluated the analgesic effects of oral THC in nine patients with fibromyalgia over a 3-month period. Subjects in the trial were administered daily doses of 2.5 to 15 mg of THC and received no other pain medication during the trial. Among those participants who completed the trial, all reported a significant reduction in daily recorded pain and electronically induced pain.

Another study published in 2011, patients with fibromyalgia were given various doses of cannabis (which contains naturally-occurring CBD within it), and then were tested for pain levels. After just a couple of hours of cannabis use, many of the test subjects reported a decrease in pain using VAS scoring for analysis, and within the conclusion of the study, scientists stated that “the use of cannabis was associated with beneficial effects on some fibromyalgia symptoms.”

Even CBD alone are commonly purported to help relieve the symptoms of dozens of other conditions as well, including:

* Alzheimer’s disease
* Anorexia
* Anxiety
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Bipolar disorder
* Cardiovascular disorders
* Chronic pain
* Depression
* Epilepsy (seizures)
* Glaucoma
* Huntington’s disease
* Inflammation from various conditions
* Insomnia
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Nausea (emesis)
* Obesity
* Parkinson’s Disease
* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
* Schizophrenia
* Tourette’s syndrome

How to use marijuana edibles for Fibromyalgia pain.

Cannabis edibles are one of the best forms of pain management on the planet, and use of these products makes cannabis far safer than any other medication for pain relief. Fibromyalgia pain treatment has shown to have the best effects with a combination of both THC and CBD in your edibles. You can simply put a couple of drops of cannabis oil under your tongue or make a food recipe from it.

You can either make your own cannabis edibles here or buy them from the dispensary. If you buy them, ask your budtender which suits best for fibromyalgia. If you make them yourself, these are some great cannabis strains for fibromyalgia:

  • Harlequin
  • Cannatonic
  • Critical mass
  • Tahoe OG
  • Granddaddy purple
  • Blueberry
  • Bubbakush
  • Headband
  • GSC

If you are completely new to cannabis edibles for pain relief. Here are some tips:

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