I am a 49 year old women who has had Fibromyalgia

I am a 49 year old women who has had Fibromyalgia (hypersensitive) Chronic Faigue Syndrome, a thyroid condition, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 18 years.
I had just had my 3rd baby at 32 years of age, when I woke up one day and felt like I was hit by a Mack Truck. Other descriptions of my pain include- tooth-ache all over my body, flu-type symptoms but 50 times worse, pain so bad I feel like my legs are “on fire”, not to mention the other 20 symptoms i.e. short term memory problems, cognitive impairments(fibro fog), tinnutitus, dry eyes, dry skin, sensitive to light and noise, irritability, and depression to name a few.
I’m not here to continue complaining, lord knows that does me no good. After 18 years of Doctors, family, even my teenage boys, strangers(you look fine) not understanding my “physical” pain let alone my emotional pain of not being understood, and no support system, I am physically, emotionally and mentally drained.
One thing that I find hard to live with is that my father was a Phys.Ed instructor in the Army, therefore my sisters and I grew up with every kind of fitness possible(swimming lessons, gymnastics, figure skating lessons, badminton, tennis, just to name a few. I then continued with high-impact aerobics, and worked two jobs for many years.
What upsets me is that I used to have a doctor (who retired while I was in his care) who prescribed me ms Contin and Kadian, and tylenol 3. For the past 5 years I have gone without narcotics and I am not only basically bedridden, but also depressed, and my insomnia is worse than ever. My new family Doctor (as of 5 years ago) will not prescribe even tylenol 3. Not because of me, but because of the increase in oxycodone etc..being abused, sold on the streets etc.. My question to you is why do people like me who have a legitimate “chronic pain condition” have to suffer because of the people “who just want to get high” or people to want to profit from these drugs.
I have to tell you that I was born an “optimist” and only my faith has kept me going this long. I am embarassed to say that I have actually had suicidal thoughts for the past year or so (only because of the physical pain I endure on a daily basis). Please do you have any suggestions for me? By the way, my Doctor (of 5 years) also prescribed me 600mg. of Lyrica 4 years ago, and I gained 80 lbs in one year. It took me another year to convince this Doctor that the weight gain was caused by the Lyrica. And he only finally agreed to taper my Lyrica dose down when I showed up with my husband and many excerpts from the internet stating how Lyrica causes substantial weight gain. Needless to say I am now terrified to take lyrica again and I’ve only lost 20lbs since weening off it. Last year I had a total hysterectomy, so naturally now that I’m in menopause, it is even harder to lose weight.
I am College educated, worked as a an account’s receivable supervisor in a major corporation balancing and average of 7 million dollars a day, was also an executive secretary and a legal secretary. My career was shorted 18 years ago because of my condition and I have been receiving my Canadian Pension Disability ever since.
My current meds. are Cymbalta 60mg twice a day, Levothydroxine 0.125mg. day Lyrica 50mg. day (started last week) Flurazapam 30mg. night to help me sleep, Ropinirole, for restless leg syndrome, and flexerol, (muscle relaxant).
Do you know any Canadian or U.S. doctor who would prescribe me a ” low dose” of pain relief (opiods or morphine) online with an online chat, that would be legal. Or, do you know of any Canadian or U.S. doctors who understand Fibromyalgia to the extent which I have it.
Please, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Tired of being in chronic pain for 18 years.
Deborah Connop
79 Vimy Crescent
Sarnia, Ontario
n7s 1j7


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