The side effects of fibromyalgia no one speaks

We asked a question “What are the side effects of fibromyalgia? Nobody talks about that? “To our community” Living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Disease “. They shared their opinions with us.

Few of their opinions are below.

  1. Fear: fear of diseases rejected by doctors, fear of not being believed, fear of the future. Feel a failure because you can not work when all the rest of the family is at work.
  2. Hypochondria, but at the same time, assuming that the new symptoms are fibroids only and are not examined. I never knew that I could be both at the same time.
  3. Dental problems. Not just TMJ, even the teeth that hurt as if they had been pierced. Gum disease, dry mouth and tooth decay happen even if you take care of your teeth. Read more here
  4. Despair: having to ask for help when you are a very independent person.
  5. Self-esteem: Unable to work with a loss of self-confidence, Unable to dress and be presentable, Loss of feelings of attraction to the partner, Unable to perform small tasks that you normally always have accomplished, you feel so useless, Self-esteem definitely hits the skids, causing depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
  6. Grief. Crying the loss of my career, being the mother I was, having a positive future, etc. Apathy. Anger. Not really alive while wishing death silently

-Painment unnecessarily EXISTING. Feeling misunderstood of all that further increases isolation. The delirium of waking up every two hours all night, every night for years. The complete lack of self-esteem is a euphemism. The guilt of not being the perfect woman, mom, nanna, girl, employee …

Grief for the life I had, Grief for the life I had planned, Frustration that I can not think or speak correctly

  1. Cramps, nausea, peeing all the time, uselessness, tiredness, anger, fear of the future, loss or gain of weight, weakness, tiredness, pain, forgetfulness, psychological problems, anxiety or panic attacks, weak loneliness, weak sexual desire , concentration, headache pain foot pain food sensitivity sensitivity to light the list only gets longer Everyone has deferent symptoms showering is a chore every thing is a lost vision chore sometimes lost interest in general for everything and everyone itching hot skin.
  2. Memory, doctors do not care or give you time. Loss of friends. Family frustration with you because you can not give them the attention and things you have always done before. Migraines constantly change their vision. Spicer and burns. Read more here
  3. Feel much older than your actual age. Learn more about premature aging of fibromyalgia here
  4. Balancing: You will always have the feeling of falling because of a loss of balance … This leads me to more anxiety and panic attacks. Read more here

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