Stop the poor, inaccurate portrayal of fibromyalgia in British media as per ITV 9-3-16

On emergency room ITV 9-3-16 a totally infactual, inaccurate and damaging account of fibromyalgia was aired to the UK public. This is not just inaccurate portrayal of this life long invisible condition that is highly debilitating but it also is damaging for those suffering the condition personally and in terms of the campaigning and research that is being carried out tirelessly . It totally minimised and inaccurately and omittedly advised about symptomology , about diagnostic criteria of trigger points which were developed by American college of rheumatology and are crucial in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia , about origin of fibromyalgia which is still unknown although there are many theories around and could be an amalgam of many of them not just physical and emotional trauma as reported, about the known fact that it is a biological condition as now recognised as a central nervous system disorder not psychological as portrayed which is old very inaccurate school of thought and also the treatment plan for Fibro. There is no cure and it takes multiple modalities to assist to reduce symptoms of Fibro not just exercise and psychological input with an anti depressant as reported. The programme also failed to highlight the level of debilitation this condition causes affecting social , emotional, cognitive , physical and occupational daily living aspects of the fibromite and also has grave impact on relationships and care roles. Portrayals like this can significantly damage the views of many around this condition such as DWP , professionals that we rely on and don’t know very much about the condition due to already poor education on the condition ,members of parliament we may rely on to raise awareness and change for Fibro and make decisions around disability legislation and access to services ,employers who are duty bound to support under the equality act 2010, this may impair their judgements and could lead to further discrimination that is already often faced in the workplace as well as in the wider public arena including those we may turn to fit support and understanding and other forms of media. Please support this petition to raise it back to ITV to say it isn’t acceptable to give such an inaccurate account that can have significant ramifications on Fibromyalgia sufferers and their families throughout the UK. 1 in 20 are thought to have Fibro according to the nhs and the prevalence is increasing constantly amongst men and women. Please sign and share and help us get the message across about this horrible ,high prevalence ,long term invisible condition that one day may just have some impact on you

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