Natural Therapy and Fibromyalgia

Sometimes when you feel the list of medications is mounting you may be wondering if there is anything else that could help your Fibromyalgia.

Here is a list of my top tips for reducing the most common symptoms naturally.

Muscle pain and headaches

Magnesium supplement – every muscle in your body needs magnesium and calcium in a balanced ratio to function adequately. Taking a good quality magnesium supplement cannot only help with muscle pain but it can improve sleep and reduce cramps and restless leg syndrome too.

Curcumin – this is the active component of the herb turmeric. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and can do wonders for headaches, migraines and muscle pain. You can find this in a tablet form in most good health food stores.

Krill Oil – not only is it great at easing pain especially in the small joints such as fingers and toes but it promotes glucose metabolism. It is possible you will benefit from an increase in energy whilst on this supplement.

Epsom salts bath – the salts are magnesium and absorbed via the skin. In conjunction with the warm water and relaxation it can ease stressed aching muscles.

Boswellia – this herb is specifically for arthritic types of pain. So if you suffer from arthritis along side your Fibromyalgia it may be worth trying Boswellia.


B Complex – the B vitamins are responsible for energy production. Taking a good B complex is beneficial during times of stress and on a day-to-day basis if you suffer from fatigue.

COQ10 – energy production happens in the body with the help of the enzyme activated protein kinase or 5-AMP. Some new research suggests that this enzyme is deactivated in people with Fibromyalgia. One way of helping the body switch this back on is to take CO enzyme Q10. A study suggests that taking 300mg per day may benefit not just the symptoms of fatigue but also reduce tender points as well. You can read the full article here:

Brain Fog

Protein – ensuring you are eating enough protein through the day is a good start to balanced blood glucose levels, which can help towards optimal brain function and more balanced energy. Good sources include- eggs, meat, dairy, fish, nuts, quinoa and seeds.

Rhodiola – a beautiful herb which helps to improve the way we respond to stress, its also anti inflammatory, balances the immune system and is specific for Fibromyalgia.

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin is often associated with autoimmune diseases and Fibromyalgia. Cognitive impairment is a symptom of a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C can be useful for stress, fatigue, joint pain, repairing normal brain function, inflammation, colds and flu’s and depression. A must have in your medicine cupboard!

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