How to treat the sensation of fire in the feet and also the tingling and numbness?

Paresthesia is a symptom of fibromyalgia and many patients experience these sensations. When paraesthesia is present in someone with fibromyalgia, the person will feel   tingling, numbness and also a    burning sensation in the feet, or even in the hands.

Paresthesia can be a very painful symptom of fibromyalgia. Treat Paresthesia

Paresthesia treatment is something you should talk to your doctor.

To effectively treat paraesthesia, the doctor needs to know if there are other conditions, such as    fibromyalgia. A personalized treatment plan will be made for each patient and can be a combination of different types of treatments. There are more detailed treatment plans    when    paraesthesia   is related to fibromyalgia    and other diseases such as diabetes.

These conditions require actions in patient and medical initiatives to develop actions that may include physiotherapy, health monitoring and lifestyle changes.It is not uncommon for someone suffering from this condition to also receive relief from a physiotherapist, manipulate their neck and back and try to relieve some of the pain.

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Treatment of fibromyalgia related paraesthesia

When paresthesia is present in   fibromyalgia, patients can receive relief by physical therapy.

If this type of treatment is not effective, some patients are successful in taking vitamin and massage supplements. Acupuncture is also another form of treatment that can help relieve painful paraesthesia and fibromyalgia.

Paresthesia is a painful condition in itself, but not in all cases. Often,    when it presents with fibromyalgia, the condition is very painful. The pain can change from intense burning to itching or numbness.

When patients experience this pain, it can be confusing at first and also disturbing. Finding treatment and obtaining the correct diagnosis will help relieve the pain and the horrible discomfort of the disease. There are different ways in which people suffering from fibromyalgia and paraesthesia can receive relief. Consult with your rheumatologist and / or neurologist.

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