Fibromyalgia In Children And Teenagers

fibromyalgia in children
Fibromyalgia was previously considered as a disease in adults. However, recently, experts confirmed that this condition affects both adults and kids. As a matter of fact, one out of six patients suffering from fibromyalgia are children or teenagers. In addition, according to medical experts, girls have a much higher risk of developing this condition than the boys. Although fibromyalgia is generally the same for all patients, the symptoms of fibromyalgia in children are somewhat different from the symptoms in adults.

Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia in Children

Fibromyalgia in children often manifest during the teenage years and when the child reaches the age of 13. Unlike adult patients, the tender points affected by kids who suffer from fibromyalgia are lesser.

in addition, the most notable symptoms of fibromyalgia in children are the following:

  • Sleep problems – kids suffering from fibromyalgia complain about sleep issues, most especially frequent sleep deprivation. In most cases, sleep will not come easy to kids who have fibromyalgia. They struggle to get enough sleep at night. Consequently, during daytime, the kid tire very easily simply because of sleep problems.
  • Generalized pain – kids who suffer from fibromyalgia will suffer from chronic pain in various parts of the body. They usually report burning pain in their muscles, as well as stiffness in their joints.
  • Increased Weakness –fatigue is among the most common symptom of fibromyalgia in children, and this can be due to sleep deprivation and body pain. They tend to get exhausted rather easily without any reason.
  • Depression – a child who suffers from fibromyalgia can suffer from anxiety, mood swings and lack of concentration. They tend to be depressed very easily without any reason and will show lack of interest in any activity.

Genetic Predisposition

The exact causes of fibromyalgia in children is unknown. However, doctors often think of genetic predisposition as the major reason why kids develop fibromyalgia. As such, the offspring of parents with fibromyalgia have higher chances of developing this chronic condition as compared to other kids. Moreover, if a child has a pre-existing health problem such as restless leg syndrome, sleep disorder and irritable bowel syndrome, he or she will be more likely to develop fibromyalgia.

Therapy Sessions

Kids suffering from fibromyalgia should undergo therapy sessions. During the therapy, the child will be learn how to cope with the symptoms through positive thinking methods and various relaxing techniques. As parents, it is important to keep in mind that physical and emotional stress can exacerbated the symptoms of fibromyalgia in children. Therefore, it is important for parents to be sensitive towards their child’s emotional needs. Parents should also monitor and their activities at all times.

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