FIBROMYALGIA: I don’t pretend to be sick, I pretend to be healthy

If you don’t know me well or are part of my family, you may sometimes think that I was pretending to be sick.

You may think that you may not be tired all the time or that it is impossible for someone to feel constant pain and I wish that was the case and I, like many others, had no experience for our family and our family. knowledge

Pretend to work well every day until brutal torture and we can only fulfill half our obligations, swollen pills and painkillers, hard to drag when we finally got home, we can’t move or intense and unbearable pains and painful exhaustion that never go away . recovered

After all, I have no choice but to pretend to be good.

It’s much easier to pretend and show me that things are going well, because I don’t have to defend myself like that. I need not explain to anyone that life is possible with constant and constant pain.

I do not need to re-enumerate the symptoms with someone who is not interested. I need not justify the relentless fatigue. I don’t need to explain why I didn’t go to the gym or pool before. I would like to go, but I am not.

I don’t understand why I think I should pretend to be good while the opposite happens. Why is the opinion of others so important? Why don’t I care what they think?

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