Fibromyalgia Featured on Doctor Oz Show

The episode of the Doctor Oz Show entitled “Pain Pain Go Away: Do You Have Fibromyalgia?” featured 2 segments on fibromyalgia.

Click here to view the 2 clips from the show on fibromyalgia:

Dr. Jennifer Caudle, D.O., a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has treated fibromyaglia for over 10 years, appears in both clips discussing fibromyalgia symptoms and treatments.

Recap of Clip 1:How Is Pain Different From Fibromyalgia?

The biggest change in the last several years is that doctors look at a constellation of symptoms to diagnose someone with fibromyalgia versus just looking at tender points. Chronic widespread pain, fatigue and cognitive issues are most common symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia have a heightened sense of pain because of the way that their brain and spinal cord processes pain. Patients with fibromyalgia perceive pain at a higher level.

Recap of Clip 2: How To Find Out If You Could Have Fibromyalgia

There is no simple way of diagnosing fibromyalgia. Dr. Oz introduces an at-home fibromyalgia questionnaire comprised of 2 questions: (1) number of pain points and (2) overlapping symptoms. Here is a link to the questionnaire on the Doctor Oz website: Dr. Caudle suggests taking the questionnaire to your doctor to discuss fibromyalgia if your score is 7 or higher. Dr. Caudle goes on to discuss fibromyalgia treatments including FDA-approved medications and lifestyle changes including getting rid of stress and doing gentle exercises.

Reaction To The Doctor Oz Show From The Fibromyalgia Awareness Community

The general consensus of those who watched the show and posted comments on the Fibromyalgia Awareness Facebook Page was that there was little to no new information on fibromyalgia in this program. A few of the comments:

“It was the typical BS…didn’t even touch the surface of it!” – Stephanie D.

“Really nothing new. Just gave those who have it some credibility. If I didn’t know anything about it, I would after watching, understand a little more about what we live with. But after 30+ years with this invisible monster, telling me to exercise more and alter my diet is nothing new. Dr. Oz could have done a whole hour and not left so many questions unanswered.” – Danette B.

“Exercise, change diet, reduce stress. Really? The pain is real!” – Nell M.

“What nonsense! They are once again saying it’s in our head. I have a very high tolerance for pain and in fact passed a kidney stone while on an endurance walk and just kept walking. I do not perceive pain more intensely!” – Nancy L.

“Shows like this really anger me. They make fibromyalgia look like something that is not really a big deal, all you have to do is exercise moreand take some of the new medications.” – Scott K.

“I was not impressed. It’s the same ole thing….nothing really helps. No one understands the pain except those of us that live with it.” – Brenda W.

“Not sure about shows like this..acknowledging fibro and then saying it’s a brain thing. Kind of puts us back at square one that it is all in our head.” – Cindy R.

“The word perceived gets me! Perceived pain? Really?” – Nancy C.

Others found some redeeming qualities in the treatment suggestions and exposure to fibromyalgia on a nationally broadcast TV program:

“Excellent show. Moving helps the pain.” – Joanne E.

“Very nice being acknowledged on a national show.” – Laura S.

“Getting up and moving helped me so much.” – Lindelle M.

“That was 100% right our brains pereive pain differently than others.” – Brent A.

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