Fibromyalgia, a misunderstood disease: “They do not understand that you are wrong and you do not have strength”

A million and a half Spaniards, almost all women, have fibromyalgia, a chronic disease and without cure and for many, misunderstood. Today is the world day against this syndrome and we wanted to approach the first public hospital that offers a wave treatment in Spain that relieves symptoms.


This Sunday marks the World Day of Fibromyalgia, a disease suffered by one and a half million Spaniards.

Fibromyalgia  is a chronic and non-curable disease suffered mostly by women . Its main symptoms are: pain, fatigue and sleep disorders.

A public hospital has become the pioneer in offering wave treatment in Spain. Ana has been with the symptoms of fibromyalgia for 12 years. “When I’m bad I have to lie down and I can not do anything,” he explains.

For all suffer, it is a misunderstood disease. ” Many people tell me that I’m glad I have to be happy, they do not understand that I can not do anything,” he explains.

This public hospital has been a pioneer in developing a treatment based on transcranial magnetic stimulation. The patient enters this cage to prevent any other signal from interfering and the stimulation helmet is placed.

Like Ana, many other patients  hope to find more treatments that improve their quality of life.

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